Random string and password generator

This tool generates strings with random characters. This is useful eg. when choosing passwords. You can choose uppercase, lowercase, and special characters, as well as change the length of the string.

Number of characters: <-- max. 50, use 0 for random

Use numbers as well as text
Use uppercase as well as lowercase
Use "-" and "_"
Use extra special characters (*)

(*) The extra special characters are: ! @ # % ^ & * ( ) + = { } | ] ? [ : > < , .

Privacy: This tool does not record any information about the strings you choose to generate, the options you choose, your IP address, browser, time of use, frequency of use, or anything else.

Security: This tool contains a PRNG. It is not a CSPRNG. If you know the difference you may think that this matters. It does not: this is not an encryption service, it is a string generator. The tool can be trusted to generate short strings of characters. That, is what it does.

Version history:
2021-12-23: Version 2.9 minor bugfix + optimization.
2013-12-27: Version 2.8 updated code + disabled the RSS feed due to too many bugs.
2012-11-15: Version 2.7 was just a minor bugfix.
2008-06-30: Version 2.6 made the code run a tiny bit faster.
2007-09-05: Version 2.5 fixed a really small bug.
2005-10-18: Version 2.4 fixed yet another minor RSS bug.
2005-10-09: Version 2.3 fixed a minor RSS bug.
2005-06-12: Version 2.2 has RSS autodiscovery for Firefox, and better RSS structure.
2005-04-23: Version 2.0 is a total rewrite with three layers of randomness and RSS feeds.
2005-04-22: Version 1.4 added an extra layer of randomness and more special character options.
2004-12-18: Version 1.2 even better handling of special characters, and more random randomness.
2004-12-17: Version 1.1 added better handling of special characters, and a simple counter.
2004-06-20: Version 1.0 launched.