Note App: Simple web based note taking and note library

A note-database app for taking, ordering, editing and printing of notes. Simple and intuitive interface and easy set-up.

First, you should really just try it, as it explains itself quite well.


This app enables you to have all your notes with you in an open tab in your browser while you work or surf the web in other tabs.

Notes can be created, grouped, ordered, re-ordered, browsed, edited and printed. It all takes place in your browser, so it's a valuable tool to add to your personal start page on localhost.

As the software is web-based you may even put it on the www so that you have access to your notes through your VPN or whatever you use. Note, however, that this software has no access control so you will have to keep it somewhere behind an existing login.

For personal use only

This software is for personal and private use only. You are not allowed to use this software for commercial purposes.


The user interface is quite straight-forward, try the demo (link below) and you will instantly "get it". There is a "README.txt" file in the root folder with extra information and a 3-step guide to get started.

Technical requirements

To run the software you will need:

For a quick and easy way to get all this, check out how to get a server and DB installed on Windows - quick and easy.


* (Technically the software makes use of the Apache "internal url rewrite" mechanism so any server with a similar mechanism should work, provided that you can configure it like the included ".htaccess" file.)


This software does not depend on any third-parties to work and it does not call home. It uses no jQuery, no AWS, no googlewhatever, and no Facebook. No trackers, no frameworks, nothing. This software does not even require an internet connection to work.

Try it


Please note that the DEMO-version does not allow you to save any edits or to make new notes. This has been disabled. Also, that the layout and design can be changed easily to suit your preferences, using standard CSS.


The zip file has two main folders: "sql" and "note_app". The "sql" folder contains a SQL script to create the database tables, and the "note_app" folder contains the app.

Install and uninstall

To install the software, first unzip the downloaded zip-file to your pc. Then, read the "README.txt" file for setup instructions. Next, configure the database and upload the lot to your web server. That's all.

The folder "sql" contains a "note_app.sql" file for easy setup of the database. Just run it as a SQL query or import it into phpMyAdmin.

To uninstall the software, just delete the software files. This will not delete your database (you may want to use a database manager such as phpMyAdmin or Adminer to manage that part).

If you do not have a Web Server, DB, etc you will still be able to install all that as well as Note App in less than 15 minutes.


New versions are typically drop-in replacements for the previous versions. However, once in a while it is not possible to make it so - for those upgrades extra instructions will be provided separately.

  1. The only thing you absolutely have to do before you upgrade, is to save a backup copy of your existing database config file so that you have the required information available.
  2. To upgrade simply replace the Note App folder content with the content of the zip file you downloaded. Delete all the old files and unpack the zip file into the folder that is now empty.
  3. Then, update the new "config_db.php" file with the information from the file you saved before you unpacked the files.

You should now save a backup your new DB config file and remove the old. The reason that you should not just keep the old one is that from time to time even the config file may change.


Current version

The most recent version is 2.7 (IV)

Version history

Version history
Version 2.7 IV (2022-02-18)
- maintenance update
Version 2.6 (2022-02-17)
- DB functions update
Version 2.5 (2022-02-15)
- maintenance update
Version 2.4 (2022-02-10)
- maintenance update
Version 2.3 (2022-02-06)
- UI + maintenance + license update
Version 2.2 (2022-02-03)
- UI + maintenance update
Version 2.1 (2022-01-31)
- UI + maintenance update
Version 2.0 (2022-01-25)
- user interface updates
Version 1.9 (2022-01-22)
- user interface updates
Version 1.8 (2022-01-20)
- first public release

A Roman Numeral indicates that the version has been updated since the release date, without changing version number.

Versions earlier than 1.8 were not publicly available.


This software is "Free For Personal Use Only".

It is provided at no cost for individuals who may even modify it, and the full source code is available. Use of the software is not allowed for commercial purposes or in any type of organization. Any type of organized distribution, hosting, or in any other way making the software available to others as a product or service (even for free) is not permitted. Only strictly personal use is permitted.

I have tried to find a license document that would reflect this but I could not find any. So, I have to spell it out: See "Terms of Use" below.


This software is copyright © by the author. All Rights Reserved.

This software is not "Free Software" and not "Open Source".

Terms of Use

The terms are really simple and clear-cut:

If you wish to use the software for any kind of organization or for any kind of product, service, transaction or exchange, first contact to negotiate a custom licensing agreement.

If you are still in doubt consult the section below (it is all in plain English):

Verbose eplanation of terms

No commercial or organizational use

Unless you purchase a separate licensing agreement you are not allowed to use this software for any kind of organizational or commercial purpose, including any type of product or service.

You may NOT sell, lease, rent out, resell, distribute, host for others, or in any other way transact this software - regardless if it is "for free" or in return for money (or any other kind of acknowledgement). Not even barter. And you may not even give it away for free as an add-on to any product or service you offer, regardless if that service is paid or not. You are not permitted to incorporate it into other products or services either.

If you make an instance of this software available to others in any way you are offering a service, and even if your return is just a "Thank You" you have offered and provided a service, and that is not allowed. Not even if it costs you money to provide said service.

It is of no consequence if you are in a multinational corporation, a "one-man band", a government agency, a NGO, army, circus, hospital, or any other kind of organization. Even if you act outside of any organization at all; as soon as you use this software in an exchange / transaction / service / product you are outside of fair use and you will need to negotiate a separate licensing agreement.

Also, you can not use this as an "Office Productivity Tool" or make this tool avaialable on a local network inside some organization, as that is not personal use. All non-personal use requires a custom licensing agreement.

If you wish to use the software in an organizational context, or for any kind of product, service, transaction, or exchange, first contact to negotiate a custom licensing agreement.

Personal use ...for my job? etc.

Of course you can use your personal notes for your job. Also, you can use it, personally, in an organizational context - say for notes concerning some association that you are part of. The discrimination does not work that way.

The important part is the word Personal. As long as your usage of the software is strictly personal you should be okay.

Your company, or your organization, must not provide the software for your use (or for general use). It must not be supplied on the local network, say. That type of use will require a specific licensing areement in all cases.

So, you can even install the app on a work computer, as long as you do not enhance your own products with it or somehow offer it as (part of) a product or service or make it available for others as outlined above.

What if my notes are commercial?

So, your note taking will indirectly earn you an income and so they must be considered commercial, yes?

Or, you need to organize some notes to prepare for that trip with the club so that must be organizational, right?

Possibly so. But "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." The contents of your notes is totally irrelevant. It is of no consequence if you jot down business ideas or poetry. Your use of the app itself is what counts, not the contents of your notes.

Share notes with spouse, or kid, or friend?

While it is true that a family may be considered an "organization", and also that as soon as you are sharing the app with somebody it is per definition no longer personal use, but, well... ehrm... let's be reasonable here

I don't really think that that kind of use violates my intellectual rights or that it deprives me of options to hypothetically earn some kind of income. Or whatever. I would not lose one minute of sleep over it. It's fair use.

... etc

Well, just don't share the software with colleagues or peers. It's okay to recommend it and even to send a few select individuals a link but they should get their own personal version for personal use. Do not use or share this software inside any type of organization except if you purchase a license for that kind of use.

Because: An organization will be able to get a tax deduction on the expenses to buy a custom license for this app. And, it will be really cheap anyway. Organizational use is not fair use if not licensed separately and paid for.

Warranties and Liabilities Disclaimer

Warranties are none and void

There are no warranties. At all.

This software does not claim to be fit for any particular purpose and hence you should not use it unless you consider it to be fit for some purpose. The sole responsibility for such a decisions rests on you.

As the software source code is 100% accessible and available you have the right, the possibility, and the obligation to check if the software is fit for your particular purpose before you use it. You can even let others do that check for you if you are not sufficiently technically competent. If the software is not fit for your purpose do not use it.

Liabilities are none and void

The authour of this software assumes no responsibility for any kind of damage, suffering, or loss connected to your use of this software. If you, or anybody else, should happen to suffer any kind of negative impact connected to your use of this software you have the full resposibility yourself, and you can make no legal claims against the author of this software and no request for compensation.

Before you put this software into any use you are free to examine every detail of the source code, and to evaluate if this is a suitable product for your purpose. You are encouraged to do so. If you think, feel, or suspect that there could be any risk of negative consequences from your use of this product, do not use it.