The 'What? Free!' License

This license document is intended to be the least restrictive one available while still being a license document. If it is somehow discovered that it imposes restrictions it will be updated to a new version that does not.

" vanity will not improve your code "

The license

Official name: "Do What You Want To Free License"
Official alias: "What? Free!"
Official abbreviation: "W?F!"

Below is the full text of the latest version:

        DO WHAT YOU WANT TO _FREE_ LICENSE (aka. "What? Free!", abbr. "W?F!"):

        Version: 1 (January 2017) | Copyright: None and void!
        Everyone is permitted to copy, distribute, and change this license document.


        0. Just DO WHAT YOU WANT TO.


This license is fully compatible with:

In fact it is fully compatible with any other real or imaginable license. It may be used by itself or it may function as a co-license, partial license, or fallback license.

Copyleft usage

As this license is completely free of restrictions it can not be copyleft on its own. You may still easily use this license for copyleft projects: you just have to add a co-license that has copyleft restrictions.

Preferential order when co-licensing

By its very nature this license can not take preference over any other license or any other type of agreement that it happens to be co-licensed with. If you co-license this license with a more restictive license, the more restrictive terms will apply. The terms "Do what you want to" imply that in such a case you will be considered to "want to" apply more restrictive license terms than contained in this license, which this one fully permits.


To use this license document: copy+paste (optionally edit), or download the full text of the latest version. Then, well... just do what you want to.


All download, use, and modification of the W?F! license is subject to the W?F! license. By downloading, using, or modifying this license you declare your acceptance of all license terms.



The above is a shorter and less restrictive version of the "Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License" (link).



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