IE browser ID tags

The IE specific content filter tags.

Internet Explorer offers a special set of html tags to filter page content according to browser version. These tags will work with IE and IE Mobile.

Below are a few examples that should be sufficient to enable you to use these tags, if so desired.

   <!--[if IE ]>

      // if IE Mobile 7 :
      <!--[if IEMobile 7]>                <!-->    <![endif]-->

      // if lesser than IE9 AND not IE Mobile :
      <!--[if (lt IE 9)&!(IEMobile)]>     <!-->    <![endif]-->

      // if IE9 AND not IE Mobile :
      <!--[if (IE 9)&!(IEMobile)]>        <!-->    <![endif]-->

      // if greater than IE9 OR greater than IE Mobile 7 :
      <!--[if (gt IE 9)|(gt IEMobile 7)]> <!-->    <![endif]-->