WordPress Plugin Template

All you need to create a WP-plugin with custom Shortcodes, -Widgets, -Post Types, Taxonomies, Auto-update, and its own Settings section.


WordPress Plugin Template is a template for creating WordPress plugins. It has the basic building blocks that WP plugins must have, and the mechanics for getting it to work in a live WP site. The plugin template is a fully functional plugin by itself.

This way you only have to concentrate on designing the specific functions that you want your plugin to have.

Out-of-the-box the software supports:

Follows WordPress conventions

Plugin settings are stored in the WP database in the standard way, the plugin is installed and deinstalled the standard way, code is formatted according to "WordPress Developer Best Practices" and even the comments for the functions are formatted right. Also, some links to relevant web sites are included (eg. there is a link to the WP Codex page on Widgets in the Widgets PHP file).

There is one file for Custom Post Types/Taxonomies, one for Widgets, one for Shortcodes etc. You can include what you need and omit what you do not need. Everything is commented so that the purpose is clear.


Install and uninstall


  1. Download and unzip the download,
  2. Upload the plugin folder to the "plugins" folder of a Word Press site
  3. In the WordPress Admin Interface, choose "Plugins" from the menu, find the plugin, and click the "Activate" link.



The most recent version is: 0.0.5.

Version history

Version 0.0.5 (2023-01-12)
Added: L10N, various minor features
File-, variable-, and function renames
Version 0.0.4 (2023-01-02)
Added: Plugin update functions
Version 0.0.3 (2022-12-30)
Reorganized files, added uninstall functions + AJAX functions
Version 0.0.2 (2022-12-29)
Service Release
Version 0.0.1 (2022-11-13)
Initial release


All download, use, and modification of this software is subject to the GPLv3 or later.