Random content script

A simple script for random html page / content publishing.


This is a "plug-in" / "add-on" for a web site. It is an easy way to make something happen on some page that would otherwise remain static.

What it does

This software publishes content selected from a list onto a single page. It can show anything from small quotes to full html pages.

Let's say it publishes "messages": The software may show just one particular message. Or, say, a random rotation of messages 2, 8, and 87 out of 100 available messages. Or, all of them. Or, a default page.


Technical information

There are 4 php files and a CSS style sheet:

Technical requirements

To execute the script you will need a web server with PHP support.

To customize the software you will need a text editor.

A developer may find it nice to know some php, html, javascript, css.

No database software is required.

Try it


Install and uninstall

To install the software, first unzip the downloaded zip file into an empty folder on your PC. Then, modify the software and upload the modified software to your web server. See "index.php" for an example of how you may include the script in a web page.

To uninstall the software, just delete the software files.

It's easy.



All download, use, and modification of this software is subject to the W?F! license. By downloading, using, or modifying this software you declare your acceptance of all license terms.


Current version

The most recent version is 0.4

Version history

Version 0.4 (2021-12-04)
- simplified code+bugfixes, rename to "rp", version numbers changed
Version 0.3 (was 0.1.2) (2017-02-11)
- added example html template, and css support
Version 0.2 (was 0.1.1) (2017-02-10)
- improved usage example list (mb_msg_db)
Version 0.1 (2017-02-06)
- first functional prototype