Plinx - Perl Link Index

A link index generator. Takes formatted text files and creates a full html link index from these including navigation, meta tags, etc.


This script makes it possible to quickly set up and/or update a full html link index/directory without having to write any html.

What it does

This software makes a html link index from text files that you create/supply.

One usage scenario is when researching some subject; in your research you may quickly compile a long list of links, some with comments, some without - and some may need a date stamp too.

While doing the research it is counter-productive to think about html-formatting etc. So, you just compile the links in a standard raw text file using any type of text editor, eg. "notepad". This is many times faster than if you had to write html as well.

The links may be arranged in sections with different topics/headlines, and you may of course have several files containing links.

Once you're done compiling an input file of links you only need to upload it to the working folder of the script. Then, point your browser to the script file and the whole html link index is generated automatically (including meta information, navigation etc). If you update an input file you also just have to point your browser to the script file in order to re-generate the whole html index.

In addition to the html index, the script creates a zip file of the whole index for backup (this may be turned off/on in the settings section of the script file).

This script is fast:
Generation of an index with 50 html pages and 1-5 sections of links on each page normally takes a few seconds, including generation of the backup zip file.


There are no limits to the amount of links, pages etc

The html generated by this script is valid and nicely formatted HTML 4.01 Transitional. It may easily be changed into eg HTML 5.

The script file includes extra settings, documentation, and help.

Files list

There are 3 files in the zip package:


To operate the software you need a web server with Perl support. The top line in the script file may need to be edited to point to the location of Perl on your server. Also, you should "CHMOD 755" the script file after upload so that it becomes executable, and make sure the working folder is writable.

To create the content for your link index you will need any text editor, and any FTP-program to upload your text files into the working folder of the script.

Should you need to customize the script itself, you may find it nice to know some perl, html, javascript, css.

To use your generated link index the only requirement is a browser that can render html. Any browser, that is.

Try it

Please note that the default look and feel should be customized to suit your preferences and purpose. This is done with standard CSS.

Install and uninstall

To install the software:


To uninstall the software, just delete the software files. It's easy.



All download, use, and modification of this software is subject to the W?F! license. By downloading, using, or modifying this software you declare your acceptance of all license terms.


Current version

The most recent version is 2.0.

Version history

Version 2.0 (2018-10-09)
- improved version
Version 1.0 (2010-10-24)
- first version