Disable browser keyboard shortcuts with Javascript

A script to disable browser keyboard shortcuts.


Try some keyboard shortcut(s). The key [F11] is enabled, all others are disabled.


This script disables keyboard shortcuts in any javascript enabled browser.

The block list is according to the official browser keyboard shortcuts for the Chromium browser, and should block all Chromium browser keyboard shortcuts.

While other browsers may have a few different shortcuts, most browsers share some common shortcuts. The script may easily be extended to target any other browser


Use this file with a "script" tag in the page template "<head>" section:

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/disable_keys.js"></script>

That's all.

Source code

Click "download" link below and the code will be visible


disable_keys.js (3.8kB) (right-click the link, and choose "Save link/target as...")

Version and License


Current version: 1


What? Free!