DB-X: Lightweight database explorer

A lightweight database explorer for PHP and mySQL or MariaDB


db-x is a lightweight database-explorer script. It will show information about your database, the database tables, and the individual table fields. It also produces a nice list of all fields for each db table.

This software may be used as a quick-and-easy database explorer "plug-in" for a web development project. It makes it easy to look up various important db facts, eg. when designing queries. It is all in one single html file.


Current version

The current version is: 0.7

Technical information

The whole database explorer plugin is in one single php file, named "dbx_", followed by a version number, and terminated with the suffix ".php". Example: "dbx_06.php". Feel free to rename the file in any way that suits your preferences


DB-X works with PHP versions 5 and 7. It works with the database systems mySQL and MariaDB.


There are ready-made options in the file for customizing the interface so that it integrates seamlessly with your existing site. You may choose full-page html output, output without html header/footer, and even no output at all (silent plugin).

This is all documented in the source code, and it is very easy to adjust.


There are two ways to use this:

(1) As a stand-alone file: Just upload the script to any location on your web server. Then, load the script URL in a browser.

(2) As an include: Just include the script in/as a page in the development/admin section of your web site/project, and the information is always at hand.

When the db-explorer is no longer required, just delete the file.

Try it


Install and uninstall

To install the software, edit and upload the dbx_xx.php file to your web server. Please choose a destination protected by a login. Make sure that you update the database information accurately before you upload.

To uninstall the software, just delete the file.

It's easy.

Source Code and Download

Source code

Please click the "download" link below and the full script will be visible as a plain text file.


IMPORTANT: After the download, rename the file to "dbx.php" in order to use it. The ".php" extension is the important part; feel free to choose any other file name if that suits you better, just make sure that the extension is ".php".

The extra ".txt" filetype extension was set to enable you to view the source code, it will not work in php.


All download, use, and modification of DB-X is subject to the W?F! license. By downloading, using, or modifying this software you declare your acceptance of all license terms.