Link checking in Google and Yahoo!

An Excel spreadsheet to check the number of links to the top 10 sites for any keyword in Google. The number of links are checked in Google as well as in Yahoo!

Last update: 2020-03-16: W?F! Licence added, DL links fixed
Previous updates: 2018-09-09 (now open source), 2005-10-14


Top 10 Backlink Checker for Google and Yahoo!

Get the top ten results for a query on Google as well as the backlink count for each of the ten pages from both Google and Yahoo!

Note: Two-three days after the spreadsheet was made available in version 1.2.7, Google made some changes that made the spreadsheet defunct. For that reason it was temporarily taken down. Here it is again in a temporary new version that does not require a Google API key.


Here (version 1.2.7) (


Source code

To view and edit the source code (VBA) you will need a key/password. The password is:




The sheet builds on this one from Btw. thanks Mark.