Alternative Email Clients for Linux

A list of FOSS email clients for Linux, many suitable for lightweight systems or old hardware.

It has not been possible to test if all these have support for 32 bit or not. Some may also be large downloads, so simulate install if possible.

Regarding privacy, some of these may have some degree of integration to Google and/or other third-parties/web services. Please investigate before you decide.

(Edition 2)

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Graphical user interface

Command line / terminal

Web based e-mail

Those below are not "webmail" like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. It is software that you install on your own PC. This may require some technical skills.

More info / webmail

Regarding webmail there are many alternatives, some offering anything but privacy and others claiming to be the very essence of it. As a user you have very little control and no way to check if claims are true. Also, you will be dependent on being online. So, your best alternative in order to have at least some control is a traditional email client that is installed on your own box. Please research more yourself - here is one starting point:

This list has been broken out of the Linux after-install todo list (the useful list) in order to reduce the size of it. And then because it is a useful list in-and-by-itself.



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