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Earth, as seen from space. Photo:ISS.

Please plant more trees.

read this!

Please note:

A young tree can not replace an old tree
A plantation can not replace a forest
A young forest can not replace an old forest

These are very different things


While You may plant a tree in 10 minutes it still takes 400 years to establish a self-regulating forest ecosystem.

Modern foresting machinery will take down a 40 years old 15m high tree in around one minute.

Why Science will always be wrong. All of it. Forever.

(the mathematically challenged may want to mouse-over for the verbiage)

Let In = the n'th bit of information (eg. some knowledge obtained through Science at a given point in time)
, and
let I = all existing information (an infinite amount). Then:

In = 1/∞ I n = 0 In = 0

ℝ ∌ ∞ , ℝ̄ > ℝ n = 0 In ≨ I , I - ∑n = 0 In = In = 0

Om Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantū