Congratulations, Trump!

Presumably you're not in politics for the money and the swag. A most welcome change!

Please, Mr. President: Tear down that NATO!

You don't need it anyway! You have more military power than the rest of us, combined.
And, there's no real threat to you. There would not be any threat to you, even if you had a much smaller force.
Most likely nobody would want your land even if you abolished all military altogether.
So, you're covered to the extent that the cover is strangling you, and your friends too. Much too much, that is.

There is a "peace dividend" that you've forgot to cash in on!
Scrap some amount of all that military stuff, preferably a very large portion. Then, America will instantly become very wealthy and able to solve domestic problems that aren't solved now.

NATO is nothing but a hugely expensive -- and dangerous -- anachronism.
It's running its own show, answers to none, and it's putting the world at risk for extinction.
So, please kill that dinosaur before it kills all of us.

What we all need is world trade, not world war. You know about trade.


Oh, and remember to plant trees. Lots and lots of them!

(I should not have to explain why, but then...the oxygen we breate now comes from trees felled during the millenium 300-1200 years ago. Before then eg. Europe was one big forest. Those who felled didn't re-plant. As the atmosphere is pretty big it takes time to empty the balloon. So, by now we are just beginning to feel the effects of having too few trees. And, there's no other country and no other globe to escape to. No shop that sells oxygen. Either it's there or you're dead. And me too. And everyone else, man and beast alike.

That's what the uninformed and ignorant calls "climate change"! Climate change is a constant, not an exception. But they're still wrong: We don't have too much CO2! As CO2 is tree food we need every single drop we can get! By promoting all kinds of plant growth, the planet is actually working for us and with us, not against us. Unfortunately, the ballon is harder to fill than to empty. Creating simply takes longer time than destroying. Trees and forests need centuries to grow up, it's not a matter of months or years. So get started now!)

Why "make America great again", just to suffocate in-process or a few moments later?
It would make much more sense to "make America GREEN again": to at least work in the general direction of survival.