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Earth, as seen from space. Photo:ISS.

Please plant more trees.

Speaking of trees:

Save the rest of Burgina / Hambach Forest
from the destructive operations of mining giant RWE.
(a 12,000 year old forest, the last of its kind in Europe)
(a one-year wait is not a stop)

Also, you may find it necessary to boycot all Brazillian goods and services. Sadly.


A young tree can not replace an old tree
A plantation can not replace a forest
A young forest can not replace an old forest

These are very different things

You may plant a tree in 10 minutes but it takes 400 years to establish a real forest.

Philosophical excercise / thought experiment

Assume that you were born a mayfly (lifespan around 24 hours).
You'd be long gone by now of course, but while you were here:

did you observe the regularity of the day-night shift, the week, or the month?
did you observe the seasons changing?

Would, or could, your Science prove that these things did exist? or not?

Was it just a rainy day, or did you think the world was always so?
(did your scientific experiments show any probability of blue sky? at all?)

Did you need a calendar, or did you think your clock was one?
Om Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantū